Our founder Anchal Srivastava, then a young student, makes his debut into the industry. He starts studying for a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture (B.Arch) in India. Even back then, he has immense passion for his designs — he can visualise them exactly as he’d like them to be executed. That’s when the gap between design and construction first becomes apparent to him.


Fresh out of college, Anchal lands his first job — and an incredibly challenging one at that. He is asked to design a guest house for an Indian multinational conglomerate. The challenge? The guest house needs to be ready to move in, in exactly 21 days! Anchal takes up the project.

4 days later…

The project is still in its planning phase, with Anchal meticulously working out each aspect of the job, down to the last detail. With 4 days down, nobody imagines he’ll actually be able to pull it off.

13 days later…

With Anchal’s incredibly detailed plan in place, the project runs as smoothly as a well-oiled machine. The guest house shapes up exactly as he had conceptualised it. On the 17th day, Anchal delivers the completed project — 4 days ahead of time.


The day he completes the project, is also the day Anchal wins his very first loyal customer. Adani Enterprises still turns to him when they have a project that calls for intelligent execution. And that is also when the first seeds were sown, for what is to one day become Accolade One Construction.


Anchal heads to the UK for his Master’s degree in Project Management (Construction). While there, he experiences the endless possibilities of a system where planning, design and execution work together hand-in-hand. He realises the need for and the potential of bringing such a collaborative approach to India as well.


Anchal goes to France to earn yet another Master’s degree — this time, in International Business. Through his course, he gains valuable context that he puts back into his company.

2015 onwards

Anchal converges his skills and sets out to navigate the nuances of the industry, picking up valuable experience and first-hand knowledge. Through his work, he learns to analyse risks, and forecast and manage them well.

He also works to build a handpicked team of architecture, design and engineering professionals — mostly young professionals with fresh, innovative ideas. He trains them from scratch and grooms them to become leaders in the field.


The team faces several learning moments too. One particular project in 2017 is a great example. Here, the team miscalculates the time required to complete the project — and their initial estimate of 30 days ends up stretching to 60. This teaches them to never underestimate how uniquely different each project is.

Present day

Anchal converges his skills and brings together different architecture, design and engineering professionals to offer an all-encompassing, integrated service. Under his leadership, the team delivers several landmark projects and continues making their mark in the industry.