Amrik Sukhdev (Hotel)

Project Description

City: Sonipat, Haryana
Area: 120000 sq. ft.
Budget: Rs. 42 Crores
Year of completion: 2016
Services provided: Architecture, Structure, MEP, Interiors, Project Management

The Story

The Amrik Sukhdev project started off with a quintessential little dhaba — a highway eatery or truck-stop. Think a temporary stall, lightweight tables on the roadside, and traditional wicker cots for seating. The owner of the establishment approached Anchal with a straightforward goal — to transform the temporary structure to something more permanent. He wanted the dhaba to have a bit more appeal — somewhere that people would choose to come, and not simply stop at because it’s convenient. Anchal took this vision several steps forward. He created a beautiful new dining complex, with gorgeous seating areas, an upgraded kitchen and an air-conditioned zone where families would be able to dine in comfort. Footfall increased from 3,000 to almost 25,000 people per day.

One day, Anchal was at the site, when he overheard some visitors bemoaning the lack of a good hotel in the area. He immediately went to the owner with this insight and suggested that they expand the project to cater to this need. The client tentatively agreed to expand to include a small lodge. But Anchal had something much bigger in mind — he was thinking of a luxurious hotel empire! The owner of the space was quite hesitant at first, but Anchal’s enthusiasm got to him, and he couldn’t stop thinking about the plan. Six months later, he approved the project, set a budget and came to Anchal to get it executed. Today, that little roadside dhaba is a swanky 3-star hotel.