Project Description

City: Noida, Uttar Pradesh
Area: 50000 sq. ft.
Budget: Rs. 20 Crores
Year of completion: 2016
Services provided: Architecture, Structure, MEP, Interiors, Project Management

The Story

A dynamic financial consultancy firm with dreams of taking on the giants in the industry, Nangia Co. LLP was looking to set up their own corporate building in 2012. Eager to contribute to this goal through intelligent spatial design, Anchal recommended an innovative solution — a green building. Though this adds a little more to the construction budget initially, it proves beneficial over the long run by cutting down recurring operational costs.

Once the proposal was approved, we started design and build, weaving in green practices every step of the way. For instance, instead of using the traditional red bricks, we utilised bricks made of recycled waste material.Constructed a Sewage Treatment Plant to use the waste from the toilets into water required for gardening, flushing etc, saving thousands of litres daily. Rather than regular glass, we used vacuum-spaced, double walled glass for the windows. These steps enabled us to drive multiple benefits — like achieving a temperature difference of 5-7 degrees indoors.