Project Description

City: Sonipat, Haryana
Area: 12000 sq. ft.
Budget: Rs. 8.4 Crores
Year of completion: 2018
Services provided: Architecture, Structure, MEP, Interiors, Project Management

The Story

A client asks you to build their dream home, and sets no bar on the budget. In fact, they encourage you to err on the side of the extravagant, if it means they get the most luxurious choices available in the market. Sounds like a designer’s dream job, right? However, in keeping with our code of ethics, we wanted to make sure we didn’t take advantage of our client’s financial free-spiritedness.

We knew that for this project, we’d have to strike a balance between quality and expense. We spent a lot of time consulting with our client, offering them our expert insights on quality vs. cost, and helping them choose the most luxurious products that are also the most worth their price. In instances where their choices did not make good design sense, we advised them accordingly. For instance, our client initially wanted a movie theatre in one level of the house — but given that it did not align with the practicalities of the design, we advised against it. As a result, the house turned out to be one of the most gorgeous, elegant residential projects we have ever worked on — and our client loved every bit of the design.