Sasakawa 1

Project Description

Year of completion:
Services provided: Interior Turnkey

The Story

When we started working on this project, we knew we’d have to drive certain cost-efficiencies. The landlord of the office space had allowed a certain amount of time as a fit-out period. We knew that if we did not manage to complete the project within this period, our client would have to start paying rent on the space without being able to move in. As an NGO, this would drive up their operational costs immensely.

To make the project a success, we planned every element down to the last detail. We conceptualised a great design for the interiors, while keeping the margins low at every turn. Given that the timelines were tight, our team worked almost round the clock to get everything up and running. Our efforts paid off and we delivered the project in good time, while still ensuring that the client loved the finished space. Sasakawa Indian Leprosy Foundation went on to host a great inauguration ceremony in their office, graced by the Prime Minister and many other dignitaries.